Webinar: Grantwriting to Support Quantitative Research in Eurasian Contexts

The SSRC Eurasia Program was pleased to hold the fourth installment in our Webinar Series on Issues in Quantitative Methods in Eurasia Studies. Following on from the Eurasia Program’s two summer 2012 Workshops in Quantitative Methods, the SSRC will offer online, interactive webinars aimed at increasing the quantitative skills of researchers of Eurasia.

Presenter: Jane Zavisca

Jane Zavisca is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Arizona. In addition to a PhD in sociology, she has an MA and postdoctoral training in statistics. She has designed two original surveys in Russia, as well as worked with secondary surveys such as RLMS and GGS.

Moderator: Denise Mishiwiec

Denise Mishiwiec is Eurasia Program Coordinator at the Social Science Research Council.

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This webinar recommends strategies for writing effective proposals, and also reviews potential funding sources. Topics covered include the following:
• Identifying potential funding sources
• Types of grant support: for collecting new surveys, adding on to existing surveys, and/or analysis of existing surveys
• Writing about research design: sampling, measures, models, quality control, analytical techniques
• Estimating timelines and costs
• Tailoring proposal to audience: explaining quantitative approaches to interdisciplinary and non-quantitative audiences; justifying Eurasian context to non-area-studies audiences

Download: Webinar Powerpoint Presentation