Research and Practice | April 25, 2014

Replacing Boko Haram with an “Attractive Revolution”

“Restarting this process of building mass literacy could be a good way to revitalize all of NEAZDP’s components, rebuild trust, resurrect peace, and open the door to other community-driven integrated development initiatives …. Carried out by and for the people, such initiatives would replace the slogan ‘education is bad’ with ‘education is good,’ and thereby begin to address the integrated problems of generations going back to the 1970s.”

Kaduna, Nigeria
Man walking down street in Kaduna, northern Nigeria.
Mediation & Reconciliation | April 7, 2014

Post-Amnesty Reintegration and Peacebuilding Challenges in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Region: The Way Forward

“Policies that are implemented for reintegration, if they are to be truly successful, must be linked to the security and human development of oil-based communities, which have suffered untold hardships and borne the major burdens of exploration, exploitation, and violence. Effectively and efficiently rehabilitating all ex-militants and fulfilling their specific needs without turning them into a privileged group within their communities remains a considerable challenge.”

Book Salesman on bridge in Oloibiri., Baylesa State, Nigeria.
Book Salesman on bridge in Oloibiri., Baylesa State, Nigeria.