Achieng’ Akena is a lawyer and a human rights and democracy practitioner, with several years experience working in growing democracies through local and international civil society organizations, as well as through the African Union and the United Nations.

Special Issue: Westgate Mall Attack | December 4, 2013

Responding to the Westgate Attack: Enforcing the Rule of Law

Following the Westgate Mall attack in September, a range of proposals have been put forth about what Kenya needs to do in order to protect itself and prevent such a tragedy from happening again. However, the panic and fear arising from the Westgate attack may lead to draconian measures that are neither legal nor effective and in direct contradiction to the Kenyan constitution. This piece argues that terrorism cannot be effectively controlled without reforms that are both principled and legal.

Man leads workshop on Human Rights for children. Photo credit to Albert González Farran of UNAMID via Flikr Creative Commons.
Man leads workshop on human rights for children.