Angela Meyer works on regional security cooperation in Africa, with a special focus on Central Africa, as well as on sustainable development, resource management, and civil society involvement. She is founding member and board director of the Vienna-based policy research organization IDC ( and holds a PhD in International Relations from Sciences-Po Paris and Vienna University.

Radar | January 31, 2014

The Recent Conflict in the Central African Republic: Which Way Out of the Crisis?

“With regime changes by coups d’états as the rule, the political reality in the CAR has been characterized by regimes lacking in legitimacy, a dysfunctional public sector and institutions, and weak state power …. In this regard, it can be said that the crisis has in fact been brewing for long and conditions for an open conflict to emerge were given.”

Main street, Paoua, northwest Central African Republic (CAR).
A man crosses a street in northwest Central African Republic (CAR).