Jocelyn Perry is the communications and editorial assistant for the Social Science Research Council's African Peacebuilding Network program and the deputy editor of its Working Paper series. She received her MPhil in International Relations and Politics with Distinction from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. Her dissertation research focused on a critical analysis of the Arusha Agreement and subsequent peacebuilding discourses in Burundi. Prior to joining the SSRC, Jocelyn served as a research assistant for Cambridge’s Centre of Governance and Human Rights, and has previously worked for Public Narrative and the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. She received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude, where she studied International Relations, Hispanic Studies, and African Studies.

Viewpoint | April 21, 2017

Insecurity, Conflict, and Militancy in the Maghreb and Sahel Regions

Throughout the Maghreb and Sahel regions of Africa, many communities are struggling under the strain of new patterns of violence that emerged after the Arab Spring as well as episodic cycles of violence that have resurfaced every few years for several decades. The following piece offers key takeaways from a series of recent events—a forum […]

Jimam Lar, Joel Nwokeoma, and Amy Niang on the dais at the Conference on Militancy and Conflict in the Sahel and Maghreb