Morten Bøås (PhD) is a Senior Researcher at Fafo’s Institute for Applied International Studies in Oslo, Norway. Bøås has written extensively on African politics and development. His work has appeared in a number of leading international journals, including Journal of Modern African Studies, Politique Africaine, Third World Quarterly, Global Governance, and Journal of Intervention & Statebuilding. He has also published a number of books, including the much cited African Guerrillas: Raging Against the Machine (Lynne Rienner, 2007), co-edited with Kevin Dunn, and forthcoming January 2013, The Politics of Origin in Africa (Zed Books), co-authored with Kevin Dunn.

Peacebuilding in Congo | December 20, 2012

Prospects for Peacebuilding in Eastern Congo?

After controlling Goma for 11 days, M23 has now left the city. This is, unfortunately, not the end of the conflict. Not only must a more lasting settlement be reached, but what happened when the Congolese army (FARDC) ran away and the world’s largest peacekeeping force, the United Nations Organization Stabilizing Mission in the Democratic […]

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Congo Malachite | by Flickr user Orbital Joe