Nigeria | September 7, 2016

Boko Haram: Cash Cow of the Sahel or Part of a Grand Strategy?

[Photo: A petrol station attendant counts Nigerian’s currency, the naira, in Abuja, Nigeria. Photographer: Suzanne Plunkett/Bloomberg] Between 2002 and 2011, the BBC and the British newspaper, The Guardian, consistently rated Nigerians as the world’s happiest people.[1] In sharp contrast, by 2013 a Forbes Magazine survey ranked Nigeria as the twentieth saddest place to live on […]

Nigeria | July 12, 2016

Inter-ethnic tensions in an urban setting: Recurring clashes between Yoruba and Hausa in Mile 12 Market, Lagos, Nigeria

Sixteen years after Nigeria returned to democratic rule, interethnic tensions appear to be deepening, marked by episodic incidents of violent conflict. These have taken place in both rural and urban locales (often between those considering themselves indigenes versus “settlers” who they consider as “outsiders) across the country. No urban area in Nigeria appears to be […]

Mile 12, Lagos, Nigeria
Following the breakdown of violence in the Mile 12 area of Lagos state, the Lagos state government has shut down the Mile12 market.
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