Featured | February 21, 2018

“No Cattle Would Be Left Out”: Farmer-Herder Conflict and the Challenge of Peacebuilding from Below in Ghana

Farmer-Herder conflicts have grown in frequency across the Sahel region of West and Central Africa, including in Ghana, where they have evolved over time in phases. This article explores the drivers of farmer-herder conflict and the challenges it poses to sustainable peacebuilding in Ghana, using Agogo Traditional Area (ATA) in the Ashanti region of Ghana […]

It's 6 am; farmers and laborers at the lorry station waiting for trucks
Farmers and laborers at the lorry station waiting for trucks. Photo Credit: Mary Setrana
Featured-Header | February 14, 2018

“Two Rams Cannot Drink from the Same Bowl”: Supremacy Battles and Peacebuilding Challenges in Arogbo-Ijaw Area of Ondo State, Nigeria

Conflict within and between militant groups in the Arogbo-Ijaw area of Ondo State in Nigeria are the result of struggles for supremacy. Such violent communal conflict has emerged as one of the features of local communities in Nigeria’s oil producing states. Although most studies of oil-related conflict in the Niger Delta focus on violence in […]

Photo Credit: Azeez Olaniyan
Essays | February 1, 2018

Examining the Role of Youth in the Maï-Maï Yakutumba Insurgency

Youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)—as everywhere else—are the main participants in violent conflict. They constitute the vast majority of the national army and the plethora of armed militias in Eastern DRC. One of the most recent self-styled ‘resistance’ movements attracting hundreds of young fighters to join its ranks is Maï-Maï Yakutumba. […]

Kivu Countryside
Kivu Countryside Photo Credit LM TP
Essays | January 9, 2018

Challenges to the African Union’s Security Engagement in North Africa and the Sahel

The persistence of insecurity and instability in parts of North Africa and the Sahel belt has benefited the numerous armed non-state actors in the region including separatist groups, terrorists, and transnational criminal networks engaged in the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and people. The African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), the African Union’s (AU) set of […]

Blue Door, Chefchaouen, Morocco
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