Kenya | August 11, 2016

Violent Extremism in Kenya: Some Thoughts on Reversing the Trend

Photo: Police officers with police dogs face demonstrators in Nairobi’s Eastleigh neighbourhood [Carl de Souza/AFP] Kenya has been both a target and a victim of violent extremism and terrorism, which has resulted in changes to the country’s security landscape. Most recently, al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-affiliated group with roots in Somalia, has claimed responsibility for several attacks against […]

African Union | August 3, 2016

Why is the 18th July AU decision to adopt a new funding model so important?

In an effort towards reducing the African Union’s (AU) financial dependency on external donors, the organization adopted a new funding mechanism at the recently concluded 27th AU Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda. The adopted approach, a tax levy of 0.2 percent on ‘eligible’ imports of all of its member states, had been recommended by a […]

If implemented as planned, the decision will lessen the AU’s financial dependency and help the organization move towards a more sustainable and transparent funding framework.
18th July AU Summit Meeting in Rwanda
Zimbabwe | July 27, 2016

“To Remain Silent Is a Position”: A Look into the #ThisFlag citizen’s movement in Zimbabwe

    From its inception in mid-April 2016, the #ThisFlag citizens’ movement has been challenging the government of Zimbabwe through social media, making demands related to the dire socioeconomic situation facing the people. Hardships confront the majority of the country’s citizens, especially the economically active among the population who cannot afford to provide the basic […]

Citizens of Zimbabwe gathered outside the Rottenrow Magistrates court in Harare, praying for the release of Pastor Evan Mawarire, the leader of the #ThisFlag citizen’s movement.
South Africa | July 19, 2016

#FeesMustFall Uprising 2015: The Emergence of Youth Agency in South Africa’s Largest Post-Apartheid Protests

In October 2015, South African students took to the streets for weeks of protests under the slogan #FeesMustFall. The magnitude of the protests compelled all higher education institutions in the country to suspend educational activities, including tests and examinations. These events represented a bid to find a panacea to the looming cataclysm of increasing tuition […]

#FeesMustFall - students protest against the increase of higher fees
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