UN Peacebuilding Reports | October 4, 2017

Book Review, UN Peacekeeping in Africa

2015 and 2016 saw a bumper crop of UN peace architecture reform proposals. These included three blockbuster reviews of UN peace operations and architecture: the High Level Independent Panel on UN Peace Operations (HIPPO), the Advisory Group of Experts on Peacebuilding (AGE), and the UN Global Study on Women, Peace and Security.1 Also released were […]

UN Peacekeeping in Africa Book Review
South Africa | March 14, 2017

Combattants: Activists or Criminals? A Reflection on Ethnoregionalism and Political Violence among Congolese Immigrants in South Africa

Most studies on African immigrants in South Africa focus on xenophobia, illegal immigration, and corruption within the South African Department of Home Affairs,1 while leaving unexamined some aspects of immigrants’ everyday life in the country. Saint José Inaka highlights “ethno-regionalism and political conflicts among immigrants” as one issue that existing studies have glossed over.2 Inaka’s […]

Congolese protesting against Kabila in Paris on February 18, 2012. Photo credit to Jelena Prtoric. Taken on February 18, 2012. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. No modifications have been made. Original photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yel_lena/7006599816/in/photolist-bF9E27-aL4KKi-eXZcX-33k8T-eY6Tw-eYkfJ-eWnQ5-bU4qhg-eYdvS-eYkfC-eYy16-eYaRr-eXXQL-pbyjK-eYizy-eYaRn-eYkfE-eYaRo-eWmHU-eYdvU-eYdvQ-eYy19-eY6Tv-eY1Mq-eYy1a-eY4GR-eVBti-eYfx2-eYh22-eXZcW-eXUUR-eWnQ4-eVBth-eVvBC-eVr4i-eVvBE-eY4GS-eYh23-eY8bT-b3nDmV-eWmHT-eYfx4-eWnQ3-eYy18-eYfx8-eXXQq-eXWGa-eWkEn-eY3dp-eYfx3.
Research and Practice | April 13, 2016

Congolese Soldiers as Victims: Military Prosecution and Punishment

“Some soldiers are victimized by the very military they serve through court martial proceedings that often delay prosecution and then serve up an unfair and tedious process. What is needed at the policy level is independent civilian jurisdiction to prosecute soldiers who commit offenses.”

Photo credit to UN Photo/Sylvain Liechti via Flickr user United Nations Photo. Taken on June 5, 2014. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. No changes were made. Original photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/un_photo/14549777252/in/album-72157626263145325/
A member of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC).
Peacebuilding in Congo | July 26, 2015

Redefining Peacekeeping: The Force Intervention Brigade in the Democratic Republic of Congo

“The coming together of the UN, AU, SADC, and ICGLR to conceptualize and operationalize the FIB demonstrates that hybridization in peacekeeping can work, especially if each intergovernmental organization is allowed to bring to the table its interoperable strengths. African countries provide the troops and equipment to form the brigade, while the UN provides the funding and logistical coordination. When peacekeeping operations are undertaken cooperatively, positive results are easier to achieve.”

Photo credit to MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti via Flickr user MONUSCO Photos. Taken on July 17, 2013. CC BY-SA 2.0. Image cropped to fit screen. Original photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/monusco/9314136394/
FIB South African infantry units listen to a briefing during training.
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