Mediation & Reconciliation | February 1, 2016

The Crisis in Burundi: A Call to Regional Actors

“Given Burundi’s refusal to allow the AU’s peacekeeping force and the UN’s admitted lack of preparedness, what role can the East African Community play in diffusing the situation and ensuring long-term peace that benefits not only Burundi but also the entire region?”

Photo credit to Flickr user Troens Bevis. Taken on June 14, 2014. CC BY-ND 2.0. No changes were made. Original photo:
The EAC needs to apply pressure on Nkurunziza to accept inclusive dialogue and peace.
Radar | February 1, 2016

Burundi: The Problem with “Give War a Chance”

“Surely, Burundi has exposed us in East Africa the same way Somalia continues to. However, we need innovative thinking on how to address our crises and conflicts that reflect our histories, experiences, and struggles. We cannot ignore the context in which these scenarios are bred. It is important not to subscribe to a mindset based on flawed arguments, but rather embrace a more positive turn towards ‘no more war, give peace a chance.’ “

Photo credit to REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic via Flickr user Globovisión. Taken on May 14, 2015. CC BY-NC 2.0. Image cropped to fit frame. Original photo:
Heightened security in Burundi's capital Bujumbura.
Radar | November 15, 2013

The Westgate Terrorist Attack: Any Lessons for Kenya’s Approach to Regional Security?

With the embers of the Westgate Mall attack slowly cooling off, the Kenyan government’s policies have faced heavy scrutiny. As the global security environment changes and instances of terrorism increase throughout the East African region, countries within this region should progressively invest more resources into enhancing their capacities for security, both domestically and regionally, while encouraging greater cooperation and joint security efforts.

The East African Standby Brigade raises the flags of thirteen East African Nations.
The East African Standby Brigade raises the flags of thirteen East African Nations. Photo credit to U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Samuel Rogers.