Cross-posts | November 22, 2017

Moving the Battlefields: Foreign Jurisdictions and Environmental Justice in Nigeria

This is a cross-post from Items, a Social Science Research Council digital forum that renews and reimagines the Council’s former newsletter as a space for engagement with our work and with the social sciences more generally. Ebunoluwa O. Popoola was a Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa fellow in 2012. After six decades of oil production […]

Oil spill at Goi Creek, Nigeria, August 2010
Oil spill at Goi Creek, Nigeria, August 2010
Research and Practice | January 11, 2016

Human Rights Abuses against the Bakassi People: Are Nigeria and Cameroon Liable?

“For the Nigeria–Cameroon border conflict, however—deemed settled between the contesting parties by the Greentree Agreement in 2006—the continuing violation by one or both parties of the rights of the people living in the disputed Bakassi Peninsula raises questions with regard to the functionality of the settlement and the processes that brought it about.”

Photo credit to EC/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie via Flickr user European Commission DG ECHO. Taken on Taken on December 7, 2014. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Image cropped to fit frame. Original photo:
Photo credit to EC/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie via Flickr user European Commission DG ECHO.
Essays | September 11, 2015

Peace at Stake in Burundi: Could the Crisis Escalate, and Is There a Way Out?

“The commitment of a section of the opposition to unseating Nkurunziza’s regime, coupled with divisions within the military and the police, could turn the conflict into a civil war, while state responses to repress the opposition could lead to the spreading of violence across the country…Hope remains that peace can be achieved in Burundi, but the window of opportunity is closing fast.”

Photo credit to REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic via Flickr user Globovisión. Taken on May 13, 2015. CC BY-NC 4.0. No changes were made. Original photo:
Protesters clash with Burundian security forces following a failed coup d’état.
Special Issue: Westgate Mall Attack | December 4, 2013

Westgate, Counterterrorism, and Good Governance in Africa

The September 21 Al-Shabaab attack was a significant blow to the difficult process of state building on the continent, producing a sort of fear that prompts advocates of good governance to give states a blank check in the so-called ‘war on terror.’  People in Somalia and other countries touched by Somalia’s instability should, above all else, rededicate themselves to the fight for good governance and try to recapture the respect for human rights (including those of terrorists), as well as the commitment to the rule of law (including when dealing with terrorists) that such attacks tempt us to cast aside.

Photo credit to Flickr user ciat. Photo taken on June 28, 2012 by Neil Palmer. This picture is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (new version CC BY 4.0). No changes were made. Original photo:
A farmer in Geita District, Lake Zone, Tanzania.