Viewpoint | May 23, 2017

Life as an APN Alumnus: An Interview with Kizito Sabala

The APN Team had the opportunity to sit down with Kizito Sabala, an Alumnus of the APN Collaborative Working Group Research Grant (2014-2016), at our recent conference on Peacebuilding in Africa: Sustaining Inclusive Civil Society Engagement. The conference took place in collaboration with the African Leadership Center and Wilton Park at Wiston House, West Sussex, […]

Dr. Kizito Sabala at Wiston House, Wilton Park
Viewpoint | March 8, 2017

Ignored Heroine? Maimuna Siraj, Social Media Activist, Strives for Peace and Women’s Empowerment in Mombasa, Kenya

Peace is costly, but it’s worth the expense. – Kenyan Proverb Kenya is currently in a volatile period heading towards its general elections. Election periods in Kenya and around the world are often characterized by very active social media participation discussing a wide range of topics, including politics, religion, economy, tribal profiling, and geopolitical marginalization. […]

Maimuna Siraj at a peer education event talking to girls about women and leadership, drug use, and HIV/AIDS. Photo courtesy of Joyce Omwoha.
Book Reviews | May 19, 2014

Youth and Revolution in Tunisia, by Alcinda Honwana

In her book “Youth and Revolution in Tunisia,” author Alcinda Honwana rightly reminds us that the phenomenon of the “Arab Spring”—or as she refers to it, the “African Awakening”—was intimately connected to a globalized trend. From Senegal to Spain to Santiago to Seattle, the voice of a disaffected generation went viral across social media platforms on every continent. She expertly handles the task of deconstructing the roots of the revolution […]

Youth and Revolution in Tunisia | Zed Books: Radical International Publishing
Youth and Revolution in Tunisia | Zed Books: Radical International Publishing.
Radar | November 15, 2013

The 9/21 Attack on Westgate Mall: Understanding the Youth Factor in Violent Radicalization in Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa

Al-Shabaab has begun to mobilize support by taking advantage of political and socio-economic vulnerabilities of the youth in Somalia’s neighboring countries. After two and a half decades of counterproductive military interventions, peacebuilding processes may need to be reconsidered and instead focus on inclusive ideas that do not overlook the importance of the youth.

Photo credit to Flickr user albanyassociates. Photo taken on October 5, 2012 by Stuart Price. This picture is licensed under CC BY 2.0. No changes were made. Original photo:
A young fighter of the pro-government Ras Kimboni Brigade stands with a belt-fed machine gun. Photo credit: AU-UN IST PHOTO / STUART PRICE via Flikr Creative Commons
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