Webinars | February 22, 2010

Webinar: Priorities for Ukraine’s New President: Regional Politics, Nationalism & State Capacity

The recent Ukrainian elections have triggered a discourse on the country’s future as well as retrospective analysis of the Orange Revolution. In contrast to Ukraine’s controversial election of 2004, this election has been generally free and fair. What does this tell us about how Ukraine has evolved over the past five years?

This webinar addressed this and other key questions, including:

  • Is Ukraine still split between the pro-Western West and the pro-Russian East?
  • How might regional politics influence national policy decisions?
  • Is this latest presidential election critical in establishing Ukraine’s future?
  • How do the oligarchs influence politics and the outcome of elections?

Our panel featured the following distinguished scholars:

Dr. KEITH DARDEN, Associate Professor of Political Science at Yale University, researches the role of economic, religious and national ideas in shaping political order, particularly in the Ukrainian context, but he has also written about patterns of insurgent violence, political corruption, non-democratic regimes and other topics pertaining to post-Communist Eurasia. His first book, Economic Liberalism and Its Rivals: The Formation of International Institutions Among the Post-Soviet States was published by Cambridge University Press in 2009.

Dr. SERHIY KUDELIA, Petro Jacyk Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto and Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, researches politics and civil society in Russia and Ukraine. He holds a PhD in international relations from Johns Hopkins University and a MA in political science from Stanford.

This webinar series is made possible through generous funding provided by the Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Office of Outreach Title VIII Program for Research and Training on Eastern Europe and Eurasia (Independent States of the Former Soviet Union).