Irma Glen heralds from a Divine Science background and the teachings of Ernest Holmes (The Creative Mind [1919] and The Science of Mind [1926]). Her thought, in other words, is new and the organ is her instrument of prayer.

“Throughout the ages,” declares Glen, “music has been the handmaiden of religion . . . You may expect a wonderful new spiritual experience when you pray with me through the divine art of music. Here, we come objectively closer to the shining nearness of God, for Music—Prayer Therapy was composed in dedication and love, especially for healing and attunement to the Infinite.”

In Music—Prayer Therapy (Numinis Records) Glen posits prayer as the act that conjures one’s identity: “In order to realize our true nature and direction, we must quiet our outer activity and come into communion with the Source of Life within. There is a place in our awareness where we blend with God in consciousness and experience the Christ Presence in-dwelling. Prayer and music are two ways that help us to know and feel this Presence.”

In “When I’m Alone I Pray,” Glen is calm in her evocation of the void. She asks her listener to be alone with her music (“When we are alone / let us pray”) and to become themselves, for themselves. And, elsewhere, to talk to trees as a tranquilizing alternative to drugs. Trees “bring natural and lasting highs . . . you won’t need to pop pills.” (From “Aspiration,” Irma Glen, Music, Ecology, and You [FS-2155])

Testimonials to Glen’s “new organ sound” include Peggy Lee (“Irma’s in an art-form in which healing and beauty, truth and wisdom are one”) and The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India (“The Divine is truly expressing through you, Irma”).

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